Des hommes contre la prostitution
et pour l'égalité




The Zeromacho network presents
Men “Just Say NO” to prostitution

sept. 2011

Is prostitution a “human right”? A form of “freedom for women”? A necessary evil to satisfy men’s “uncontrollable urges”?

NO! We’ve had enough of that propaganda!

We the signatories of this manifesto, men of all ages, origins, professions and social status, refuse to reduce our sexuality to a financial transaction. For us, sexuality is first and foremost a human relationship, lived out within a context of equality and respect for the other person’s freedom and desire.

We invite you to join us in publicly declaring

YES to sexual freedom! YES to shared desire and pleasure!

The expression “The right to prostitute oneself,” is often bandied about. But who “chooses” to have unwanted sex with strangers several times a day?
Who has the freedom in prostitution? Who has the choice? Who takes his own pleasure without worrying about the other person? The man who has the power of money.
The freedom that prostituted people call for is an illusion, because it is forced on them by pimps, drug and violence.
Every year, the prostituting system destroys the lives of millions of new victims, essentially women and children, often from among the poorest of the poor.

Every man can claim his own rights
without denying others’ theirs,
and can empower himself without dominating others.

In application of the principle of male-female equality,
we request that the competent authorities

Paying for access to the most-private parts of the body of a person who feels no desire has nothing to do with a business contract based on freedom and equality. In those circumstances, freedom is an illusion and equality is trampled.

Together let’s build a world in which no one would
dream of buying access to another person’s body,
and the pleasures of sex won’t be tied
to money or violence!

That world is possible, and its construction is already underway.
In 1999, after a half a century of equality-based education in schools, Sweden became the first country in the world to penalize purchasing “sexual services” by prostituters – without going after the prostituted people. In 2009, Norway and Iceland followed suit. A few dozen men have been sentenced to pay fines, and the State provides aid to prostituted people to help them build a different future for themselves.
This progressive policy has proven its effectiveness:

The situation in Germany and the Netherlands is exactly the opposite. Brothels are legal, and boys grow up knowing that women will be made available to them. How can they recognize girls as their equals in those conditions?
We believe that the Scandinavian model, an important step towards true humanity and democracy, is a living symbol of hope for a world without prostitution.

Which Europe are we going to build?
What kind of world are we going to live in?

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